Debunking the Myths of Hosted Phone Systems

Being cautious about adopting the latest technology for phone systems can be a sensible approach for a business, but there comes a point where excessive caution can negatively impact its financial success.
The technologies behind the hosted phone system are not untested, and it's long past time to put these myths to rest. When choosing a phone system, it's important to be aware of these myths and also to be aware of the mistakes that many people make when choosing a hosted phone system.
At AmeriTel Telephone Systems, we believe that customer education is a good customer service, which is why we have compiled a list of 7 common myths of hosted phone systems.

Myth #1. Few Businesses Use Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems have been gaining ground against traditional PBX systems since their initial introduction. According to Heavy Reading (www.heavyreading.com), 31% of North American businesses use hosted phone systems at the time of the survey, with a projected growth by 2015 to 66.5%.
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Myth #2. Voice Quality Is Bad

The voice quality of calls made using hosted phone systems depends upon the speed of the internet connection. While modems and other outdated technologies might create serious problems with transmission quality, modern broadband connections do not.
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Myth #3. Hosted Phone Systems Are Unreliable

Businesses are sometimes hesitant to use hosted phone systems because they become unavailable during power failures, or if the service provider goes down. However, modern systems come with redundant backup features, such as redirecting calls to cellular phones.
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Myth #4. Hosted Phone Systems Are Not Secure

Good security practices can make hosted phone systems as secure as other telephone services. Established service providers have teams of IT experts dedicated to security because the provider's revenues depend upon providing reliable and secure services.

Myth #5. Hosted Systems Are Complicated to Set Up

Changing over to hosted phone systems is not difficult, particularly when service providers are eager to help with the process in order to encourage the customer. Additionally, making changes to hosted phone systems is much easier than doing the same with traditional phone systems.

Myth #6. Changing to a Hosted System is Expensive

While it's true that changing over to a hosted phone system can mean changing a lot of equipment, this is not always the case as many hosted phone systems can adapt and make use of existing equipment at a minimal cost.

Myth #7. Only Calls Between Hosted Systems Cost Less

While it's true that hosted phone systems offer lower prices for calls made within the hosted phone system, and computer-to-computer, their cost reductions are still applicable in calls made outside of the system, no matter the intended recipient.
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